How To Know When To End A Relationship-Shall I Continue?

Unfortunately, not all romantic relationships will ultimately lead to marriage. Knowing this fact, you must learn how to know when to end a relationship. Parting ways with your partner would mean that all your commitment and efforts you’ve poured in to this relationship to go all the way down the drain. However, there isn’t any meaning to coerce yourself to continue in the relationship if you are not meant to be with this partner to even begin with. Parting ways might just be the only option left.

How do you know when to end a relationship?

Even so, many people tend to rely on breaking-up as a way to solve their problems. This is because they simply don’t have the willpower and resolution to try solving the problems. Even if they do have the willpower and resolution, many couldn’t bear the successive disappointments when they tried over and over again to resolve the problems, just to see even more failures that entail. But only if they tried till the end will they know whether both of them are meant to be together.

One exception is towards love abusers. What I mean is one partner tried all his/her best to keep the relationship intact, and have spent tremendous time and efforts hoping to achieve this outcome. On the other hand, the other partner isn’t doing anything for the relationship. They are either pessimistic, or trying to take advantage of the one trying his/her best to salvage the relationship. There is no point maintaining a relationship with this type of person. You might as well part ways with them.

While it’s easy to know when to end a relationship with love abusers, it might not be that easy to decide with other types of relationship. There are situations where logic and rationality tells you that you need to break-up with your partner, but your feelings tell you not to. But if things are left unattended as it is right now, even more problems are going to arise later on. The issue is how to know when to end a relationship such as this?

For instance, what if your partner is committing adultery with another person? Well, while adultery does form the grounds for divorce in many cases, it doesn’t necessarily mean that adultery is bound to divorce. You must first determine whether it’s still worth it to carry on the relationship. Take a look at the reason leading to your partner’s betrayal. Could it merely be your partners’ needs? Is there a way to resolve this?

Another fact to consider is whether either of you are willing to forgive and importantly, forget this fact. Women tend to feel extremely hurt in this turn of event because once a woman gives herself to a man; she expects her man’s loyalty. Most of the time, the betrayal is too painful to forgive. For men, the less forgiving ones would no longer trust his partner. Even if he could, it is likely that it’s impossible for him to forget this disloyalty.

Both of you would need to sit down and talk about this issue, and try to know your partner, all over again. If you determine that your current partner is not who you’d want to spend the rest of your life with, or you’re seeing someone better, talk about this with your partner. Try to end the relationship peacefully, even if you feel hurt deep inside.

It is challenging to maintain a relationship after such turn of events. However, if you trust that this relationship is worth your efforts to maintain, and you really love the person you’re with, trust me that you’d better work together and try your best to keep the relationship. It is a waste to end a relationship unnecessarily.

By Sherlyn Smith